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Rich Egger

WIU Announces More Budget Cuts

In an email and web post titled "Budget Update," Western Illinois University President Jack Thomas announced on Thursday that the university is in a structural budget deficit and expenditures are outpacing revenues. Dr. Thomas said that as a result, WIU plans to cut $5 million from this year’s budget and a total of $21 million from the budget for Fiscal Year 2020, which begins July 1, 2019.

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Iowa Wesleyan University to Remain Open

Courtesy photo

A group of students in Macomb dressed as the Harlem Globetrotters for a middle school costume party. A couple of the students are African-American while the rest are white.  As you can see in the accompanying photo, they are all wearing Afro wigs – and that's upset some people in the community.

Jason Parrott / TSPR

The owner of the Tama Complex in downtown Burlington told the city council this week that he is close to reaching a decision on what to do with the property that was destroyed by a fire in August.

Courtesy WIU

Macomb community members and Western Illinois University faculty, students, and staff sprang to action this week planning a counter-protest after they learned Westboro Baptist Church will stage a protest on WIU's campus this weekend.

Thanksgiving Does Not Require A Perfect Pie

Nov 15, 2018
Beth Howard

Thanksgiving is next week and that means one thing: there will be pie. Because pie plays such a big part of any traditional Thanksgiving feast, it’s been in the news with a plethora of articles circulating during the lead up to the holiday—articles with titles like How to Make the Perfect Pie Crust, The Best Pumpkin Pie Recipe Ever, Ten Show-Stopping Pies, and the most irritating Award-winning Pie Recipes to Dazzle Your Guests.

Fort Madison School District

An administrator in the Fort Madison School District was punished for an incident that took place at a school event in late 2017. A portion of the video showing what occurred has now been made public following an open records request from Tri States Public Radio.

Every college campus has standards and policies to prevent sexual harassment. But time and again, repeated complaints are filed against professors for saying and doing inappropriate things -- yet they often keep their jobs. Documents and interviews from two recent cases on campuses in Illinois shed some light on the reasons why this remains a persistent issue at many schools.

Farmers started forming co-ops nearly a century ago, primarily to get better prices for their crops. They pooled their resources, put up storage bins and gained leverage with buyers.

The White House suspended the press credentials of CNN correspondent Jim Acosta after the reporter angered President Donald Trump during a news conference on November 7.  CNN is suing Trump over the matter.

Governor-elect J.B. Pritzker now tops Donald Trump as the richest politician in America. Pritzker’s wealth has led to more questions about the role of money in politics, and led critics to question how much the Democrat’s personal wealth may have influenced his election win against Gov. Bruce Rauner.

On a busy football Saturday, fans on both sides of the Iowa-Nebraska line streamed into a tiny grocery store to pick up hamburger, soda and chips.

Store manager Nick Johnson, a third-generation store owner in far southwest Iowa, has long had a front-row seat to the local economy. Times have been tough since the recession, with lots of people losing their manufacturing jobs, though he says that it looks like some of those are coming back. 

And similar to the rest of the country, farm income is down thanks to low crop prices


Folk Weekend Live in Concert

The Bottle Rockets, 7:00pm December 1, 2018 - Vallillo/Holtz Performance Studio

The Bottle Rockets’ brand of populist, Midwestern, brawny rock ‘n’ roll is a sound so effortless, it’s easy to take their craft for granted; a sound so universal, yet unmistakably THE BOTTLE ROCKETS. They’ve crushed rowdy Friday night crowds, convinced sitting audiences to get on their feet, and pulled weary festival onlookers across muddy fields to the front of the stage. With their 12th album, South Broadway Athletic Club , the quartet gives a master class in capturing the beauty of...

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Held up over disagreements over federal food stamps, the first draft of the 2018 farm bill arrived Thursday, bearing 35 changes to that program, including starting a national database of participants.

Amy Mayer/Harvest Public Media

As agriculture intensified in the 20th century, summers in the Midwest became wetter and cooler.  An MIT study published this month looked at whether vegetation from crop production, rather than greenhouse gas emissions that are an established source of climate changes, could have driven these regional impacts.

Ben Kuebrich/Kansas News Service/Harvest Public Media

A new, widely debated federal mandate requires truckers to electronically track the number of hours they're on the road — a rule that is meant to make highways safer. But there is a big difference between hauling a load of TVs and a load of cattle destined for meatpacking plants.


Lawsuits filed in Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas against the makers of the herbicide dicamba will be centralized in the federal court in St. Louis.

Amy Mayer/Harvest Public Media

In the coming months, Congress will map out how it will spend upwards of $500 billion on food and farm programs over the next five years.  The massive piece of legislation known as the farm bill affects all taxpayers -- whether they know it or not.

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