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Assistant Prosecutor Fired in McDonough County

Feb 13, 2015

An assistant state’s attorney who was arrested after getting into a fight with his girlfriend has lost his job.

Charles Munson lost his job in the McDonough County State's Attorney's office after being arrested for domestic violence.
Credit McDonough County Sheriff's Department

Charles Munson, 39, of Macomb was fired Tuesday by State’s Attorney James Hoyle.  Hoyle said he “terminated” Munson after reviewing reports on the case.

Macomb police said Munson and his girlfriend got into an argument over the weekend.  Their accounts differ as to what happened but the woman ended up with an injured hand.

She went to McDonough District Hospital on Monday evening to seek treatment for the injury.  Police were called and they subsequently arrested Munson.

Munson is charged with domestic battery.

Police did not release the woman’s name.