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Central Lee Develops Social Media Policy

Feb 17, 2014

The Central Lee School District has a new social media policy.

Superintendent John Henriksen says this will lead to the creation of a Central Lee Twitter handle and Facebook page.  He says the idea is to improve communication between the district and the community.

Henriksen says the district's social media accounts will be the preferred methods of communication for faculty and staff, compared to using personal accounts for school issues.

"The expectation for teachers and the relationships between teachers and students or sponsors and students is to remain educational," says Henriksen, "it's to remain professional."

The policy spells out what cannot be added to the pages.  The list includes posts that are flirtatious in nature, that exhibit drugs or alcohol or that promote illegal activities.

Those who violate it could be suspended or fired.

Henriksen hopes the district's Facebook page and Twitter handle will be active this month.