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Colchester Homeowners to Get Grant Money

May 20, 2013

Thanks to a state grant, one part of Colchester might soon look a good deal better.

The grant, called a Community Development Assistance Program or CDAP grant,  is for 320,720 dollars.

Jeff Cozadd, housing program manager with the Western Illinois Regional Council, helped the city apply for the money.

Cozadd says homeowners in a targeted area will be able to do things such as replace siding and eve roofs.

He says this will improve the neighborhood’s image and the resale value of homes.

If we can go in and fix up six or seven of these homes, you know it's going to have a pretty substantial impact

The targeted area includes sections of North Coal, McLean and Elizabeth Streets.

The city and the WIRC will hold a public meeting on May 30 to answer questions.

Cozadd says signup will remain open for an extended period of time but he says in the past 90 percent of the applications are submitted within two to three week.