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Creating a Concept for CAP Building in Macomb

Jan 4, 2016

The five partners in the proposed Citizens Action Project (CAP) are preparing for the next step in the process.

The Macomb School District, the City of Macomb, the Macomb Park District, McDonough District Hospital, and the McDonough County YMCA are expected to participate in a webinar this month with consulting firm Risinger and Associates.

“That’ll really be the first time each of us will see what the other really wants this building to include,” said Macomb School Superintendent Mark Twomey, who would like a middle school separate from the high school.

“(Last month) Risinger came and met with each of us individually, and each of us put that list together about what our needs are.”

He said Risinger is using that information to create a plan for the building, which could include gymnasiums, a pool, and other amenities that could be shared.  The partners are exploring whether it’s more cost efficient to build a single facility rather than having each entity build its own, and the partners each contributed money toward a feasibility study from Risinger.

“When you look at the partners who are sitting at the table, they all have significant needs. I think when you look at that collectively, people might find this is something that could be really beneficial to the entire community,” said Twomey , who said it’s possible more partners could sign on as the process moves along.

If the study finds the project is feasible and the partners agree to proceed, voters would need to approve a borrowing plan to pay for constructing and equipping the building.