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Donnellson Police Chief Resigns After Arrest

May 22, 2015

The Lee County Sheriff's Office is expected to assume control of law enforcement duties in Donnellson following the resignation of the city's police chief. William Sackett stepped down two days after being arrested for domestic violence.

Sheriff Jim Sholl said the city's four reserve officers are not allowed to do their regular duties unless they are under the direct supervision of a certified police officer. He said a 28E agreement is being developed that would allow his department to serve in that capacity while the city .

Lee County Sheriff Jim Sholl
Credit Jason Parrott / TSPR

"We have done various 28E's with Donnellson on one occasion, with West Point for several years, and Montrose while they searched for a police chief," said Sholl.  "So it is nothing new to us."

Sackett was arrested by Lee County deputies early Monday morning following an altercation at his home.  He was charged with one count of Simple Domestic Abuse Assault. Sackett was released on bond, under the conditions that he can have no contact with his wife and cannot possess alcohol, illegal drugs or weapons.

The city council had granted Sackett a leave of absence without pay less than a day before he turned in his letter of resignation. Tri States Public Radio requested a copy of the letter, but the city said it is not releasing it on the advice of legal counsel.

Sheriff Jim Sholl said until that 28E agreement is signed by the Donnellson City Council and the Lee County Board of Supervisors, his deputies will handle emergency calls in the city. Sholl said they will also patrol as normal, handling non-emergency calls as available.

"We have always done that," said Sholl.  "Simply because Donnellson has its own police force doesn't mean we are never in the city limits.  Certainly, that is part of our regular patrol to stop and visit with whomever is on duty and check doors and buildings for security and so on and we have always backed up the police officers on duty."