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Election 2017 - Keokuk Mayor - Dan Winn

Oct 20, 2017

Four people running to be the next mayor of Keokuk: Carl Morgan, Tom Richardson, Patricia Whiteside, and Dan Winn.  Winn said he is doing so because he wants to be the voice for all of the city's residents.

**NOTE - Winn spoke with Tri States Public Radio prior to the most recent vote by the Keokuk City Council to tear down the former Unitarian Church.**

Dan Winn said his experience in city government best prepares him for the post, having served six years as Alderman At-Large. He said instead of seeking another term on the council, he felt the timing was right to try to move into the mayor's office.

Winn said he plans to work closely with City Administrator Aaron Burnett if elected, but he said the job might require more time than the 10 hours per week allotted for the next two years. He said he plans to walk the streets of Keokuk, visiting residents and businesses to try finding out what is going on in the city and how to move Keokuk forward.

Winn said he would focus on improving public relations if elected, in particular when it comes to the city's streets and the ongoing sewer-separation project. He said if people can start looking at Keokuk in a more positive light, many current challenges will start to fade away.

Early voting is underway in Keokuk ahead of the November 7 general election.

Current Mayor Tom Marion is not running for re-election.