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Environmental Reporting Pod Dismantled

Mar 26, 2013

The Shop Talk panelists discuss the New York Times’ decision to do away with its environmental reporting “pod” and its “green” blog. The pod was a group of reporters and editors who focused solely on the environment.

Readers and critics have criticized the changes and the timing of the announcements – news of the blog’s demise was released on a Friday afternoon, which is a good time to release an announcement that you don’t want many people to hear.

The Shop Talk panelists said the end of the environmental unit could be considered part of the trend toward smaller newsrooms.  The environmental beat is generally not considered as important as other beats, such as education and the courts, so it’s more likely to be among the first dropped.

The panelists find the decision unfortunate, especially at a time when climate change and other environmental issues are gaining in importance. They say the reporters in the pod did some good work.