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EPA Forced to Decide on Nutrient Pollution Rules

Sep 27, 2013

The Federal Government could crack down on certain types of nutrient pollution thanks to a federal court ruling.

A US District judge has mandated the US EPA to decide whether to require stricter limits on types of nitrogen and phosphorus pollution.

The Lower Des Plaines River, one of the waterways suffering form nitrogen and phosphorous pollution.
Credit http://prairierivers.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Lower-Des-Plaines-August-2013_A.jpg

The decision was the result of lawsuit on behalf on the Prairie Rivers Network and other groups.

The groups have said this type of pollution is causing harmful algae blooms in the Mississippi and Illinois River Basins, and causing the giant dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

Kim Knowles, Staff Attorney with the Prairie Rivers Network, said they have tried several times to get the EPA to make the decision.

Knowles said the new rules would not apply to farmers because they have an exemption under the clean water act. It would affect industrial sites and municipal waste systems.

Other plaintiffs on the suit included the Iowa Environmental Council and Missouri Coalition for the Environment.