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Final Approval Given to SRC Faculty Contract

Feb 8, 2013

The Spoon River College Board of Trustees voted during a special meeting on February 6 to approve the new two-year contract with full-time faculty.

The agreement had already been ratified by teachers.

College President Curt Oldfield considers it a good contract.

“It weaves in the changes that the faculty were requesting. So we were able to have a mutually beneficial contract that met the needs of the faculty and their bargaining unit and also met the needs of the Board of Trustees to keep expenses in line with budgets that were created,” Oldfield said.

Teachers last month filed a 10-day intent to strike notice, but Oldfield feels that did not impact the negotiations. He said the assistance provided by a federal mediator helped the two sides reach an agreement.

The contract is retroactive to August 1, 2012.

The SRC Faculty Association said it provides a roughly 2% increase in the first year – some teachers might receive a bit more, some might receive a bit less.

The pay hike is 2% across the board for the second year.

Oldfield said the raises are in line with the pay hikes given to administrators and professional support staff.

The full contract can be found on SRC’s website.