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Fire Might Delay Opening for Macomb Business

Jun 19, 2015

A fire Friday morning at the future home of a restaurant and billiards parlor in Macomb might delay opening day for the business.

Firefighters responded in full force to put out a blaze at the former Hangover’s Bar and Grill while police blocked off a portion of W. Jackson St.

“Any structure fire, since we are a small department, we get as many people here as possible for our safety and other peoples," said Fire Chief Andy Taylor.

Taylor said the flames started behind a beverage cooler in the bar area.

"When we got here, it looked much worse than what it was," Taylor said. "Until you actually get in and get the fire out, I mean smoke was rolling out the restaurant so it looked pretty bad.”

Police Chief Andy Taylor said firefighters were able to put out the blaze quickly.
Credit TSPR's Emily Boyer

Taylor said it only took a hose and a couple fire extinguishers to get the fire put out. He said the fire appeared to be accidental.

The building’s owner Rob Giles says the fire wasn’t very extensive but there was a lot of smoke damage. Renovations are underway to reopen the site as both Shooters Bar, Grill and Billiards and as Diamond Dave’s restaurant.  Giles said the opening for Shooters was scheduled to coincide with Heritage Days next weekend but might have to be delayed a week or two. Diamond Dave’s is scheduled to open in mid-August and Giles said that's unlikely to change.

Diamond Dave's closed about eight years ago and, at that time, Giles leased the building out.