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Fort Madison Expands Drug/Alcohol Testing

Jan 13, 2014

The city of Fort Madison has strengthened its policy on testing employees for drugs or alcohol.

City Manager Byron Smith says the city has been able to test employees who drive large vehicles or who show signs of drug or alcohol use.

He says now employees considered “safety-sensitive” will have to submit to a drug and alcohol test when they are hired per a resolution approved by the city council.

They would also be subject to random tests throughout their employement.

Smith says the list of "safety-sensitive" employees includes police officers, firefighters and workers in the parks department, at the water treatment plant and at the wastewater treatment plant.

A positive test will result in disciplinary action, even termination.

Smith says the city must educate employees about the drug and alcohol tests before they can proceed.

Each test will cost the city about $100.

A Fort Madison firefighter was fired, last year, after the fire truck he was driving struck a parked vehicle.

The city says he had a blood alcohol level of 0.067 at the time.