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Gov. Nixon says No to Arming Teachers

Jan 31, 2013

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon says teachers in his state should be able to focus on teaching.

He says that’s why he would not support any proposal to arm them.

Teachers have a tough enough job without requiring them to be a security guard at the same time.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon

Gov. Nixon says he also opposed legislation that would require 1st grade students receive firearms safety training.

“They learn far too much about violence just by turning on the television at night,” says Gov. Nixon.  “I don’t think that training kids with guns in 1st grade is what we need to do.”

The Governor says, instead, he supports putting more money into mental health care and making sure funds are available for schools to improve security infrastructure.

He says he also backs making school evacuation plans private so the general public cannot easily access them.  An exemption from the state’s open records law expired late last year.

Gov. Nixon made his comments during a stop in Canton, MO.