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Hoax 911 Audio Released

Apr 30, 2013

Nearly two months after receiving a hoax 911 call, Macomb police released a recording of the call. Police made the audio available in response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed last week by Tri States Public Radio.

Credit Rich Egger

The recording lasts less than two minutes.  In it, the caller asks the 911 dispatcher to send a squad car to 509 Murray. “This guy has a gun on us. He says we can’t leave.”

The caller also identifies the gunman as a person who lived at the house. A man’s voice is then heard asking if the person called police. After that, the line goes dead.

The call was made on March 6. It resulted in authorities surrounding the house at 509 West Murray for roughly five hours before they discovered no one was inside.

The following day, police arrested Alvin Montgomery, age 25, and charged him with disorderly conduct, making a false 911 call, and attempted obstruction of justice.

Alvin Montgomery
Credit Macomb Police Department

Police said the final charge was filed because Montgomery tried to delete information from a cell phone.

It’s believe Montgomery was the man whose voice was heard at the end of the call. Police are still searching for the person who made the call.