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Illinois Co-ops Recycle Pesticide Containers

Jul 2, 2013

As farmers turn from planting their crops to keeping weeds and pests in check, they rely on herbicides and pesticides.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture has partnered with several agriculture groups including the Illinois Farm Bureau to set up sites where agrichemical containers are cleaned and recycled for free.

This system... ensures that the jugs do get triple rinsed
The program recycles the jugs into fence posts and shipping pallets.
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Manager of the Two Rivers FS CO-OP in Rushville, Aaron Winner, said that in the past some farmers simply burned used pesticide containers.

He said that having a free and convenient way to properly dispose of the containers helps remove the temptation for farmers to just get rid of them in the easiest way possible.

"When you just take and burn your jugs nobody's going to know, so this system, it ensures that the jugs do get triple rinsed because the state comes and checks the jugs," Winner said.

After the jugs are rinsed, they’re ground into chips and then recycled into things such as shipping pallets and fence posts.

The participating sites will begin taking containers in late July.

There is a permanent collection site in Monmouth and temporary sites in Rushville, Pittsfield, Jacksonville, Blandinsville, and Aledo.

A brochure listing all sites across the state can be received by calling the Illinois Department of Agriculture by calling 1-800-641-3934.