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Illinois Comptroller Candidates Square Off In Televised Debate

Oct 26, 2016
Originally published on October 26, 2016 7:59 am

The top candidates for Illinois comptroller squared off last night in a televised debate and interview on Chicago's WTTW.

Incumbent Republican Leslie Munger was appointed to the post by Governor Bruce Rauner.  Her Democratic opponent, Chicago City Clerk Susanna Mendoza, says Munger is controlled by the wealthy governor. 

"She just accepted -- from the person who she's supposed to be a checks and balances to -- last week, a check for $1 million.  By constitution, the Illinois comptroller's office should be an independently-elected office that serves as a watchdog over other executive offices."

Munger counters that she stood up to Rauner.

"The governor has not bought me. In fact, I'm probably the most independent person here because I don't need this job. I took this role because I love Illinois."

Munger says Mendoza is beholden to House Speaker Michael Madigan, and the unions largely funding her campaign.

A poll recently released by the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute says nearly a quarter of voters are undecided on the comptroller's race.

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