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Iowa's Governor Eager for 6th Term

Jan 16, 2014

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad says his 5th term in office has been all about leading the state's "comeback."

Gov. Terry Branstad in Fort Madison on Thursday

He told a crowd in Fort Madison Thursday afternoon that with the "comeback" well underway, his 6th term would be about building for the future.

Branstad says he did not hesitate when it came to seeking re-election this year.

"I gotta say, I love Iowa," says Branstad.  "I like going to every county every year.  I guess I get energy from meeting with people, listening to their stories and their hopes and dreams for a bright future."

Branstad says he is focused on the initiatives laid out in his condition of the state speech on Wednesday.

They include expanding veteran's benefits, promoting anti-bullying and growing high-speed internet.

"Once this session is over, we will focus on the future," says Branstad, "but jobs, education and being the healthiest state (in the nation) certainly are the things I want to see us continue to make progress on."

Branstad made a point to remind the crowd that he has never carried Lee County in a general election.

He says he hopes the recent successes involving Siemens and Iowa Fertilizer Company change that in November.