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Keokuk Alderman Wants Prayer in Meeting

Sep 17, 2014

At-Large Alderman Dan Winn said the Keokuk City Council should pray before getting to work.

Credit www.flickr.com / Jan Smith

He said it would get everyone in the right state of mind.

“We deal with a lot of issues that are very important," said Winn, "not only to the citizens but to the town.  I think it kind of unifies the council if you will, kind of gives us a starting point to discuss the business of the city.”

Winn said he had been thinking about bringing it up during a meeting for a while, but decided to wait until Sept. 11.

"I wanted to do it on the anniversary of 9/11," said Winn.  "(That) brought everyone back to a sense of prayer, a sense of patriotism and pride in their country and their community."

Winn said the local churches could rotate delivering the prayer, but he said it would be open to people of all religions or beliefs.

The council remained relatively silent about the idea, with only one comment questioning whether it would be appropriate to offer a prayer before a meeting.

Fort Madison begins its business meetings with a short prayer.