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Long Awaited Opening of Glenwood Pool

Jul 6, 2016

Macomb’s only public pool is now open for summer, about a month later than usual. 

Jana Knupp from Macomb was sitting pool side with her three young sons who had swim googles on their heads and were wrapped in beach towels. Knupp said her family likes to spend much of the summer at the city's pool because its a fun and cheap way to relax and keep her boys entertained. 

“My kids have been itching to go to the pool since school was out," Knupp said. "So we’ve been constantly checking to see how the progress is coming along and I knew we would have no choice but to be here on the first day.”

The Macomb Park District got the green light earlier this week to open Glenwood Pool. It had been closed since last fall when a state inspection found significant repairs were needed to the pool’s drainage system, chlorinator, as well as the circulation and filtration systems.

Macomb Park District Director Ray Peterson said it took some time to jump through the state's regulator hoops. Once repair work got underway in May there was also a lot of downtime spent waiting for parts.

"I kind of compare it to buying parts for an old car," Perterson said. "A new car you can drive it out to the local parts store and pick them up. An old car you have to do a little searching to find."

Peterson said Glenwood Pool now has a brand new chlorinator, "that should absolutely improve our ability to maintain water quality.”

Glenwood Pool was able to open this week after passing a state inspection
Credit Emily Boyer

Peterson says the last partial renovation of Glenwood Pool was in 2000 and the last full renovation was in the 1980's. This time around, the city of Macomb and the Macomb Park District split the $60,000 worth of repairs.

Macomb resident Kay Derry brought her two grandchildren to Glenwood Pool opening day.

“We have missed the pool since it hasn’t been open this summer,” Derry said. "When I heard it was opening , we were glad and we were ready.” Derry said they'll be here whenever the suns out.

Glenwood pool will be open daily through at least mid-August. Admission costs $4 for Macomb residents.