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Macomb Approves Separation Agreement with Sue McLaughlin

Oct 19, 2016

The city of Macomb and Sue McLaughlin parted ways last week. McLaughlin stepped down from her role as City Administrator on Tuesday, October 11, after less than 8 months on the job.  

The Macomb City Council agreeed to pay McLaughlin a lump sum of $29,726.36 on October 28.

The severance includes 3 months’ salary, 95 hours of vacation, 14 hours of personal time and a prorated car allowance.

That is about half of what McLaughlin’s employment contract said she could receive. It stated she was eligible for up to 6 months’ severance pay in the event the contract was terminated prematurely.

The contract also states that neither party will criticize or disparage the other. McLaughlin also waived her rights to sue the city and agreed to not apply for any future city employment job openings.

The city and McLaughlin also signed a confidentiality agreement making many of the details of her departure secret. But Mayor Mike Inman said it was done amicably and is of mutual benefit to both her and the city.

Inman said for now he and city staff will take over the city administrator’s responsibilities but he hopes to get someone working on an interim basis soon.

He said if that person is from out of town, he/she could even stay at McLaughlin’s old apartment since the city will be paying $2,555 for the remainder of her lease, which runs through May 2017.