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Macomb Residents Trying to Perfect the Art of Photography

Jul 25, 2016

Members of the Macomb Camera Club  go on outings and attend events, capturing the beauty of their town and the region with their cameras.  Members include those who are retired and joined to keep busy doing what they love, as well as those just getting started, having recently discovered a love for the craft.

Anyone with an interest in photography is encouraged to join the club. Members even recruit people if they see them with a camera in hand out in the town.

Crystal Kepple helped create the Macomb Camera Club. She said the club forces her to go out and take photos, finding new opportunities to broaden her art.
Credit Crystal Kepple

Payton Leeds joined the club because there was no one else at home one day forcing him to tag along to the meeting with his step-mom, Kepple. Leeds said he hopes to one day photograph the White House.
Credit Payton Leeds

Lyle Payne helped Kepple start the club. He said he prefers to photograph wildlife because if you stick a camera in a squirrels face, it's okay, but sometimes people react differently.
Credit Lyle Payne

Jeffery Elmore works for the Macomb Police Department by day, and is a photographer by night. He says he prefers to photograph at night because there are no people around. His specialty is black and white because color takes away from the detail of the subject. Even though he prefers to photograph at night, he likes to take photos of people more.
Credit Jeffery Elmore