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Macomb School Savings Mostly Through Attrition

Feb 24, 2014

Macomb School District Superintendent Patrick Twomey has released his recommended cost containment plan to fill a projected $500,000 budget gap for next school year.

The bulk of the savings -- $399,000 – comes through attrition.

“That means nobody in the district loses a job, nobody loses a stipend. And so that’s a pretty good list I think when you come up with those kind of results,” said Twomey.

“When it comes to budget reductions, my responsibility is to come up with a list that I think has the least amount of impact on students in the classroom.”

Credit Rich Egger

Twomey spent months contemplating the plan and reviewing input from employees, students, and the general public.

Board of Education President Matt Bierman said the plan generally seems reasonable though he wants to follow up with Twomey on the potential impact of some aspects.

“That’s just due diligence on behalf of the board’s part that we need to ask those questions,” said Bierman, adding he wants to know how realistic the expectations are for some of the revenue enhancers.

The board will spend the next several weeks reviewing the plan.  Bierman said input is still welcome. 

The board will be asked to approve a cost containment plan at its March 17 meeting.

Twomey’s plan provides $504,850 in savings and increased revenues.

The cost savings through attrition are as follows:

  • Eliminate an early childhood special education teacher - $80,000
  • Eliminate a third grade teacher - $75,000
  • Eliminate a custodial position - $64,000
  • Replace a full-time library position with a part-time position - $20,000
  • Eliminate a junior-senior high school special education teacher - $85,000
  • Eliminate a driver education/health/physical education position - $75,000

Other reductions:

  • Eliminate the junior high school football program - $10,000
  • Eliminate three high school musical stipends - $1,800
  • Eliminate the stipend for the high school marching band assistant - $2,800

Revenue enhancers & other savings:

  • Allow clubs and groups to do two fundraisers per year instead of one - $10,000
  • Sponsorships for athletic fields and courts - $20,000
  • Elimination of required spending under No Child Left Behind - $35,000
  • Implement a technology fee - $20,000
  • Increase the driver education fee from $75 to $125 - $6,250