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Mike Campbell : Freeze Tax Rate

Oct 7, 2013

Former Alderman Mike Campbell says he wants to return to the Burlington City Council to make sure solid decisions are being made that would benefit the entire city.

Mike Campbell
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He is one of 11 candidates whose names will appear on the Oct. 8 primary ballot.

Campbell was first elected to the panel ten years ago where he served a full four-year term.

He says that experience is critical.

"When you are new to the council, your eyes are pretty wide open and you have a lot of ambition," says Campbell, "but you don't understand all of the nuances that can tie you down.  Having the experience is really relevant."

He says the city must tighten its belt if it is going to recover, financial, while the city council must do everything possible to avoid layoffs.

"Maybe we mow the parks every 10 days instead of every seven," says Campbell, "maybe we can squeak another 50,000 - 100,000 miles out of a squad car.  I don't know any of the exact answers.  No one really does, (though) or we would already be doing it."

Campbell says he would also favor increasing or creating new user fees to help balance the city's budget.  He says this would be different from the proposed franchise fees as only the people who need the service would pay the user fees.

He says if elected, he would work to freeze or even reduce Burlington’s property tax rate and to change the form of government so voters select the mayor.

Campbell says the mayor would be elected at-large, but still be a seated council member with the same voting rights. 

He says he would also push for more transparency in city government if allowed to return to the Burlington City Council.