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Preparing for a Job in Journalism

Aug 11, 2015

The Shop Talk panelists share their thoughts on what young journalists need to know as they prepare for a job in the industry.

Jasmine Crighton said she tells students to expect a lot of competition.  She said they also need to understand the business side of journalism: management, cluster operations, etc.  Crighton said she did not learn much about what happens behind the scenes until after she graduated from college.

In addition, Crighton said young journalists should be prepared for change.  She said the business has changed a great deal since she graduated and that was only about ten years ago.

Rich Egger agreed that competition is stiff.  He said there are numerous journalism and broadcasting departments across the nation and each one has students who feel they’re at the top of the class.  But when they graduate they’ll be going up against many others who are just as good as they are – if not better.

Rich Moreno said jobs are available, though many of them don’t pay very well.  But those who have a passion for journalism will find a way to move up the ranks.  He also suggested students develop as many different skills as possible because they will likely be asked to handle many different duties for at least their first job.

Moreno added it’s rare for journalists to remain with a single organization for their entire career so they should be prepared to make some moves.

Speaking of which, Moreno is making a move. He is leaving Western Illinois University after nine years to be the Director of Content Management at Central Washington University.  This is his final Shop Talk program.  We wish him well!