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Promoting Amtrak Communities in Western Illinois

May 4, 2013

Community leaders on the Amtrak line that runs through western Illinois hope to convince people to use the train for excursions within the region. They want to promote day trips and overnight stays along the line between Quincy and Princeton.

Amtrak at Macomb
Credit Rich Egger

“We’re going to form a subcommittee and brand the corridor we’re talking about,” said Macomb Mayor Mike Inman. “Then we’re going to establish a subcommittee that can work on specifics about how that gets accomplished.”

He said ideas could be as simple as promoting an Amtrak timetable that demonstrates what can be accomplished during a day trip to the various communities.

A group of local leaders has met a few times to start formulating plans. Macomb hosted the latest such meeting, which included mayors, economic development leaders, and state lawmakers.

Inman said the group will also make sure the legislature understands how important passenger rail service is to the region.

“We’re not ever forgetting about the core of any coalition, particularly this one, as it relates to Amtrak and that’s making sure the word gets about sustained funding for the operation of the rail line,” said Inman.

The group is scheduled to meet again in mid-July in Kewanee.