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Public School Enrollment Down in SEIA

Jan 27, 2014

The trend of Iowa's public school enrollment being on the rise is not reaching the southeast corner of the state.

The Keokuk School District's certified enrollment fell by 28 students this year, compared to last year.

There are nearly 2,700 more students attending school in the Hawkeye State this year, compared to the previous school year.  That is a 0.6% increase.

By contrast, the seven public school districts in Lee and Des Moines Counties have 137 fewer students to educate this year, which is a roughly 1.2% decrease.

Certified numbers, which determine school funding, are calculated in October.

The loss is significant as losing 137 students means more than $800,000 in lost revenue between the districts.

Fort Madison experienced the largest loss of students this year, followed by Central Lee and Keokuk.

The only district in the two counties to add students was Danville.

The five-year numbers are also trending down for southeast Iowa as enrollment has fallen by more than 2% during that time frame.

Certified Enrollment
2012/2013 vs 2013/2014

Burlington             : -19
Central Lee            : -30
Danville                  : +2
Fort Madison        : -42
Keokuk                   : -28
Mediapolis             : -17
West Burlington   : -3
Total                        : -137

2009/2010 vs 2013/2014

Burlington               : +80
Central Lee              : -74
Danville                    : - 1
Fort Madison          : -94
Keokuk                     : -125
Mediapolis              : -90
West Burlington    : +56
Total                         : -248