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Rage Against the Media

Jan 13, 2015

Physical and verbal attacks on the media got the attention of people around the globe last week.The horrific slaughter at the Paris offices of the satirical publication Charlie Hebdo received the most attention – as it should.

  Americans also were dumbfounded by Kirby Delauter, the councilman in Frederick County, Maryland who threatened to sue a local newspaper if it used his name without his permission.

The Shop Talk panelists say attacks on the media are nothing new.

Rich Moreno said the main difference from the recent past is the extreme measures some people are willing to take against the media. He pointed out journalists are even targeted now in war zones.

Moreno also said there is a bunker mentality among many politicians who do whatever they can to control the message.

Rich Egger said people of power and influence often portray journalists as being the bad guys because they don’t want anyone shedding light on what they’re up to.

Jonathan Ahl (filling in for Jasmine Crighton) said some people today rely only on media that support what they already believe.  He said they’re sometimes moved to take extreme actions against those with whom they disagree.