WIUM Tristates Public Radio

Shop Talk - May 1

May 1, 2012

This week's program is about Bill Knight's career and changes in the news industry. In addition, Lisa Kernek joins the panel to replace Knight.

Knight graduated from WIU, went on to be a reporter, and came back to Western to teach in the early 1990s. He never stopped writing and reporting, and will continue to do commentaries on Tri States Public Radio.

Knight said there have been many changes in the newspaper industry over the years. He said the one creating the biggest impact right now is in management.

"It's being managed by people who didn't come up through the ranks of the newsroom, which means a lot of their decisions are logical financially but they don't necessarily appreciate the consequences on the news gathering," Knight said.

Knight said many newspapers today are too thin. He said the bottom line should not be the only concern if it ends up impacting the quality of the product - and the same is true in broadcast news.

Knight's replacement, Lisa Kernek, grew up in Macomb. She worked 15 years as a newspaper reporter in Springfield (IL) and other markets. She moved back to Macomb in 2006 and teaches journalism at Western Illinois University.