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Mar 19, 2018

The typical "on-air" portion of our spring campaign is usually scheduled for 8 days in March or April. You know the format: extended program interruptions for a full 6-8 days reminding our listeners and friends that their financial support is essential to the way TSPR operates.

Once again, we hope to reduce fundraising that interrupts programs by as much as possible and we're counting on your support to help us do it. Our promise is simple--we won't come back for a traditional "on-air" campaign this spring if we are able to reach our campaign goal of $47,000.

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Have any doubts about why you should give? Listen to the testimonies below:

"I trust Tri States Public Radio and NPR because they do not have a profit motive.", Cathy Null

Cathy Null from Blandinsville, IL

"It's really important to have local news.", Martha Klems

Martha Klems from Macomb, IL

"We think of Tri States as a good friend to the arts...much of what I listen to is helpful for my classroom...", Sean & Kathleen O'Donnell-Brown

Sean & Kathleen O'Donnell-Brown from Macomb, IL

"I can always rely on Tri States Public Radio for unbiased news coverage. I appreciate that a lot.", Courtney Blankenship

Courtney Blankenship from Macomb, IL

[TSPR] is the most trusted news source in the community. It's reliable, it's consistent, it's always there...you can count on it.", Abby Fansler

Abby Fansler from Avon, IL

"I feel it's like having your family and friends talk to you over the radio...", Frank Hennenfent
Frank Hennenfent from Smithshire, IL

"The news is informative and I like the talk shows because they are informative and unbiased.", Paul & Alice Trimmer

Paul & Alice Trimmer from Macomb, IL

"I'm a pretty big fan of Mountain Stage, and I like Folk Weekend, and American Routes.", George Coutre'
George Coutre' from Colchester, IL

"I love the broadcasts in the evenings of the orchestras-San Francisco, New York, Chicago and love the jazz on the weekends as well.", Tammie Walker
Tammie Walker from Macomb, IL

"Story Corp allows people to talk to each other in a way they wouldn't ordinarily do.", Gloria Barr

Gloria Barr from Macomb, IL

"Public radio does a masterful job of trying to present all sides of important issues and it's a way of seeing the civilized side of life.", Sallee Wade

Sallee Wade from Galesburg, IL

"I support Tri States Public Radio because I know that they are dependent on listeners like me to help keep it all going.", Chad Simpson

Chad Simpson from Monmouth, IL

"I think it is so important to support something to make sure it's still here.", Deb Miller

Deb Miller from Bowen, IL

"Commercial-free talk and news is always good...and I love the classical music.", Chuck & Diane Kearns

Jerry & Diane Kearns from Keokuk, IA

"Tri States Public Radio is one of those institutions or organizations that really binds the community together.", John Gruidl

John Gruidl from Macomb, IL

"I can barely get out of the vehicle because I'm so engrossed with listening to these programs.", Miava Reem

Miava Reem from Galesburg, IL

"I support Tri States Public Radio primarily because it is the only source that I trust for news.", Ray Miller
Ray Miller from Galesburg, IL

"I think every one of us who listens should give something and do our part.", Brenda Knox

Brenda Knox from Donnellson, IA

"If you're going to listen to it, you should support it.", Chuck & Anne Pietscher

Chuck & Anne Pietscher from Keokuk, IA

"I believe in what NPR and TSPR does. I value the fact that I can listen to them and I really trust what I'm hearing.", Jeff Ebbing

Jeff Ebbing from Burlington, IA

"I support Tri States Public Radio because I think it's such an important resource in the community.", Lucas Wood

Lucas Wood from Galesburg, IL

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