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Silent Drive - More Testimonies

Mar 19, 2018

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Your support allows us to ask the tough questions, find critical answers, and deliver a focus on the truth.

Remember: We hope to reduce fundraising that interrupts programs by as much as possible and we're counting on your support to help us do it. Our promise is simple--we won't come back for a traditional "on-air" campaign this spring if we are able to reach our campaign goal of $47,000.

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Nikki Malley from Galesburg, IL

"Since Tri States came to the Galesburg area, I have honestly, genuinely felt that a great need has been met for journalism, for diversity of music programming.", Nikki Malley

"Having the station here makes the whole region a more enriched and more enjoyable place to live.", Ginny Boynton

Ginny Boynton from Macomb, IL

"Recently, besides listening on the radio, I found NPR One on my smart phone. So now I can carry NPR in my pocket.", Joe Lisieski

Joe Lisieski from Keokuk, IA

"I love the variation of the noon shows-the TED Radio Hour, Radio Lab, Latino USA.", Rossann Baker-Priestley

Rossann Baker-Priestly from Galesburg, IL

"It's like being surrounded, in some ways, with friends or with people that you trust.", Cindy Struthers

Cindy Struthers from Murrayville, IL

"I find it to be informative. I find it to be objective and fair.", Bill Butts

Bill Butts from Galesburg, IL

"I listen to public radio every morning. It's the news for me.", Steve Swan

Steve Swan from Keokuk, IA

"I love listening to Ken Zahnle in the morning.", Pam Marolla

Pam Marolla from Galesburg, IL

"We know that without listener support there probably would be no station.", Diane Tichenor

Diane Tichenor from Macomb, IL

"It is a great asset to the community and it's a great asset personally.", Judy Greek

Judy Greek from Galesburg, IL

"I think because it supports who I am, it deals with what I want out of a listening experience.", Ron Greek

Ron Greek from Galesburg, IL

"The world news, especially, is really good on public radio, it's really detailed.", Emily Carlson

Emily Carlson from Abingdon, IL

"Public Radio gives us the option to hear the arts.", Bruce Polay

Bruce Polay from Galesburg, IL

"Public Radio is part of my routine, part of my life and I would miss it if it weren't there.", Adriana Colindres

Adriana Colindres from Galesburg, IL

"Tri States Public Radio helps me stay on top of what's happening.", Teresa Garcia

Teresa Garcia from Ft. Madison, IA

"Listening to Morning Edition in the morning and All Things Considered in the evening is my main source of news.", Anne Giffey

Anne Giffey from Galesburg, IL

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