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Standing Up to a Celebrity Accused of Crimes

Dec 2, 2014

Sexual abuse allegations have been made against show business legend Bill Cosby for more than a decade, yet little has been reported until recently.

And even now, some reporters remain deferential toward Cosby, as seen in this video from the Associated Press.

Shop Talk panelist Jasmine Crighton said the AP reporter was timid and apologetic when he asked Cosby about the allegations, and she feels Cosby bullied and intimidated the reporter.

Panelist Rich Moreno believes the press failed on the story.  He thinks many reporters fell for the allure of celebrity. He also said the nature of the alleged crimes makes it difficult to report the story.

Cosby won’t respond at all to questions about the allegations, and panelist Rich Egger wondered if he’s hoping to ride out the storm until the public becomes distracted by some other scandal.  He cited as an example the Penn State football scandal from just a few years ago.  The team continues to play, the fans continue to cheer, and little is said about the crimes and the cover-up.

Moreno and Crighton agree the media gets criticized if it does not continue following a story and gets criticized if it sticks with a story for any length of time.