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Write-In Campaign Falls Short

Jun 15, 2012

A potential legislative candidate in southeast Iowa must find another way to get on the November ballot.

Republican Jim Steffen of Argyle announced in late May his intention to run a write-in campaign in Iowa’s 83rd House District.

Lee County Election Coordinator Denise Fraise says Steffen received 107 votes.

She says that would normally be enough votes to move him on to the general election, but the redistricting process has changed that.

Fraise says Steffen’s vote total cannot be compared to the totals from the same legislative district in 2010 because the district did not exist. 

She says that means his write-in campaign must be compared to the Republican Congressional primary from 2010.

Fraise says the result is that Steffen needed 402 votes.

Steffen can still get on the ballot via a party convention.

House District 83 includes Keokuk, Fort Madison and southern Lee County.

State Representative Jerry Kearns ran unopposed in the Democratic Primary.