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50% Plus One

PRNDI Awards for TSPR News Director Rich Egger

Jun 24, 2014
Rich and Audie
Rich Egger

Tri States Public Radio News Director Rich Egger was recently awarded with two new accolades from PRNDI.

Voters will decide whether to essentially do away with Macomb’s February election.

Aldermen voted 6-to-2 Monday night to put a referendum on the March ballot that asks voters whether they want to eliminate the primary held in February of odd-numbered years.

Aldermen Still Discussing Macomb Referendum

Nov 14, 2013

Macomb city council members are still deciding whether to seek voter input on the future of the city’s February election.

Rich Egger

It took a while, but Macomb city code finally defines the word "majority" to mean a number that is more than half.

The McDonough County clerk is asking the city to no longer hold a primary in February of odd-numbered years.

No Investigation of Wailand’s Residency

Jun 6, 2013
Rich Egger

Macomb aldermen decided against reviewing whether Steve Wailand is eligible to serve as the city’s new second ward alderman.

Macomb Reviewing Election Options

May 30, 2013
Rich Egger

In response to the confusion caused by the 50% Plus One case, Macomb aldermen are considering whether to get rid of the February election.

Former Alderman Questions Wailand's Residency

May 16, 2013
Rich Egger

A judge ruled Kay Hill lost the election for second ward alderman in Macomb to Western Illinois University student Steve Wailand. But Hill is not giving up her fight over the seat.

Rich Egger

Macomb Second Ward Alderman-Elect Steve Wailand said one of the first issues he might tackle after taking office is to clarify the city’s election code.

Rich Egger

Two months after Macomb’s general election, a judge has ruled Steve Wailand edged Kay Hill, 17 to 16, in the contest for second ward alderman.

Rich Egger

It’s possible neither of the people most affected by the outcome of the “50% Plus One” case in Macomb will be in court to hear the judge’s ruling.

Judge Rodney Clark announced he will rule Friday, April 26, on whether Western Illinois University student Steve Wailand defeated Kay Hill in the February election for second ward alderman in Macomb.

Clark announced the date at the end of the hearing on Monday, April 8. Wailand’s attorney, Diane Cohen of the Liberty Justice Center, immediately asked if Wailand could be excused from the proceedings because he works on Fridays.

Rich Egger

Judge Rodney Clark decided Monday (April 8) to give the City of Macomb extra time to gather more evidence as it tries to defend the ruling made in the February 26 election between Steve Wailand and Kay Hill.

The hearing has been continued until April 26, 9:00am, at the McDonoough County Courthouse. Clark said he would make a ruling on the case on that day.

The delay won’t impact the matter of who is seated to the position because aldermen are not sworn in until the city council’s first meeting in May.

Rich Egger

The April 4 court proceedings in the 50% Plus One case in Macomb did not last long because the Liberty Justice Center – which is representing city council candidate Steve Wailand – never summoned his opponent, Kay Hill.

Rich Egger

A legal group said it has filed a motion seeking to declare Steve Wailand the winner of the February 26 election in Macomb’s second ward.

Rich Egger

The candidates for alderman in Macomb’s fifth ward agree changes should be made to the city’s election process. But they have differing views of what should be done.

Incumbents Tim Lobdell and Clay Hinderliter were asked during the League of Women Voters candidates forum about the disputed outcome of the second ward contest.

Lobdell said the city needs to clarify its code.

Rich Egger

Legal action is now possible over the result of the second ward alderman election in Macomb.

Candidate Steve Wailand said the Liberty Justice Center read about the disputed outcome and agreed to represent him pro bono.  Wailand has said he does not have enough money to hire an attorney because he is a college student. He’s a junior at Western Illinois University, where he’s studying chemistry with an emphasis on pharmacy.