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Celebrating Monopoly's Ties to Macomb

Mar 28, 2016
Breanna Descourouez

The original Monopoly game, called The Landlords Game, was created by a Macomb native, Elizabeth "Lizzy" Magie.  To honor that connection, Adam Kozlowski, owner of the Kozmic Game Emporium in downtown Macomb, is holding the first "Lizzy Magie Design A Board Game Contest."

Macomb Shop Embracing Board Game Resurgence

Aug 17, 2015
Credit Marty E. on Flickr (flickr.com/calboy2)

Since it opened its doors last September, The Kozmic Game Emporium in Macomb's downtown has offered a new and unique social opportunity. And as the shop gains more attention, its free game nights are gaining traction.