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Bob Morawitz


Bob Morawitz (D-Fort Madison) is running for the District 83 seat in the Iowa House of Representatives. He said if elected he would carefully consider every issue that comes before him and do what is best for all of his constituents.


Two people are running for the Ward 2 seat on the Fort Madison City Council: Incumbent Brian Wright and challenger Bob Morawitz. Morawitz believes his willingness to listen to residents and his common sense approach make him the best person for the job.

Bob Morawitz is seeking the 2nd ward seat on the Fort Madison City Council, in part, because he wants to protect the city's history.

The three candidates for the Democratic nomination in Iowa’s 42nd Senate District say they will make education a top priority.

Bob Morawitz of Fort Madison, Rich Taylor of Mount Pleasant and Donna Amandus of Fort Madison each say improvements to the education system equate to economic development.

Morawitz says the key is improving the workforce, adding “we have a lot of people who do not have the skills and need the training.”

He says that starts with focusing on adult education, especially as industrial jobs become more technology-based.