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Big Donation to Yield New Building at Knox

Apr 20, 2014
Rich Egger

Knox College is in the process of selecting an architect to design a new building for studio art and art history.

Chromebooks for All Galesburg Students

Apr 16, 2014

Galesburg School District #205 board members voted unanimously to begin a One-to-One computer program this fall so all District #205 students will get free Chromebooks of their own at the beginning of next year.

Simon Keynotes Democratic Women's dinner

Apr 15, 2014

With her banjo in hand, Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon arrived at the Kensington Ballroom in Galesburg to keynote the 17th annual Knox County Democratic Women’s Camelot Dinner April 12.

The Tri States Public Radio Galesburg Bureau is Open

Apr 14, 2014
TSPR Staff

Our recent on-air expansion into the Galesburg area prompted the opening of a new bureau office to better serve our new listening area.

City Council Approves Library Funds

Apr 9, 2014
Jonathan Ahl

The Galesburg city council voted five to two in favor of investing $2 million to help the public library qualify for a $16 million state grant.

Two Destructive Fires in Galesburg

Apr 9, 2014
City of Galesburg

Galesburg fire fighters fought blazes at a vacant two-story wood frame house in the 400 block of South Academy Street and at two vacant buildings in the 100 block of East Main Street during the early morning hours Tuesday.

Oman Rail Delegation Could Visit Galesburg

Apr 1, 2014

A small group of railroad-related businesses from the Galesburg area took part in a trade mission to Oman in February.  Now they're hoping Oman reciprocates.

Business Group Fighting Minimum Wage Hike

Mar 25, 2014
Rich Egger

The Galesburg Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted unanimously to oppose an increase in the state’s minimum wage from $8.25 to $10 an hour.

Wikimedia Commons

The Illinois Department of Public Health is aiming to curb the over prescription and overuse of antibiotics that are strengthening superbugs.


The rail industry is big in west central Illinois, and rail lines are being built in the Middle East.  So the City of Galesburg will try to bring the two together.

Galesburg Reviews Paint Rebate Proposal

Dec 2, 2013

After months of debate a draft paint rebate program will be unveiled in  Galesburg  tomorrow.

Knox County Treasurer: Pay Raises Not Her Decision

Nov 14, 2013

The Galesburg Election Board has filed a petition to have Knox County Treasurer Robin Davis held in civil contempt for not paying wage increases the panel has called for. 

New Coffee Shop Parks in Galesburg

Nov 7, 2013

If you want to find most coffee shops you just look up their address, and Jerry’s Mojo is no different except that in this case the address is listed as “Everywhere, Galesburg Illinois.”


The Galesburg Election Commission wants the Knox County Treasurer to pay up in a dispute over raises.

Galesburg and Kazakhstani Companies Meet

Nov 1, 2013

Some Galesburg businesses could have a new market for their products, one that’s six thousand miles away.

Former Galesburg Cop Might Receive Pension

Oct 31, 2013

A former Galesburg police officer who resigned amid felony charges may still receive his police pension.

New Revenue and Cuts Possible in Galesburg's Budget

Oct 29, 2013

Galesburg’s Mayor says he open to possible tax increases as well as the staff cuts that have already been proposed, in order to balance the city’s budget.

Steele Elementary to Add Security Cameras

Oct 17, 2013

More than a dozen security cameras will be added to a newly renovated school in Galesburg.

Job Cuts Still Possible in Galesburg

Oct 15, 2013

After weighing its options, the City of Galesburg may still cut jobs.

Galesburg Draft Budget Cuts Jobs

Oct 8, 2013

Galesburg may let go several city staff as part of millions in cuts to next year’s budget.


The “Green Team’s” goal is to promote local eco-friendly businesses in the Galesburg area. Its latest meeting included two people with ties to the city’s Sustainable Business Center.

Galesburg Chamber Survey Negative on Gas Tax Hike

Oct 2, 2013
Rich Egger

The Galesburg City Council brought up the idea of increasing the gas tax in a work session.
That spurred the Galesburg chamber of Commerce to send out an email survey to gauge support for the measure.

Possible Gas Tax Hike in Galesburg

Sep 26, 2013

Galesburg may hike its gasoline tax to pay for road and infrastructure repairs. The Galesburg Chamber of Commerce is reaching out to see what the public thinks with an email survey.

Rich Egger

A member of Galesburg’s economic development team has resigned, just months before the grant funding his position expires.

Rich Egger

Galesburg will hold an open house on July 24 to present design concepts for a short stretch of East Main Street.

City of Galesburg

The East Main Street underpass in Galesburg will contain many of the same aesthetic features as the recently completed overpass on West Main Street.

Rich Egger

It’s not always easy to implement change when things have been done a certain way for many years. But Galesburg will give it a try with its budgeting process.

Mayor Sal Garza does not anticipate the city will generate more revenue through change. He said the immediate goal is to smooth out the process.

“So toward the end of the year we’re not wrestling with some of these issues that should have really been decided upon much earlier,” Garza said.

Rich Egger

The City of Galesburg and the library are preparing to exchange some parcels of land.

The library would receive two city-owned lots that are next to the land where a new library will be built on West Main Street. A hotel once stood on the site but it closed years ago and has since been demolished.

The city would receive one library-owned lot next to the former OT Johnson site. The department store building  burned down several years ago.

Mayor Sal Garza said both the city and the library would benefit.

Galesburg Business has a Happy Holiday

Dec 17, 2012
Sitka Salmon Shares

A company that started this past year in Galesburg’s sustainable business center is having a happy holiday season. Sitka Salmon Shares sells portions, or shares, of a fisherman’s catch to customers across the Midwest.


Galesburg is urging residents to take a proactive approach now that the Emerald Ash Borer has been detected in the city.

Larry Cox, Director of Public Works, said property owners should determine whether they have any ash trees. If they do, the trees should be checked for signs of the destructive pest.

Typically, branches at the top of an infected tree will die off first and more will die in the following years. The bugs are smaller than a penny and attach to the top of trees so it’s easier to spot signs of the Emerald Ash Borer than it is to see the insect itself.