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hoax 911 call

The Shop Talk panelists discuss a proposal introduced in the Illinois legislature that would make it nearly impossible to obtain recordings of 911 calls.

McDonough County Sheriff's Department

A single phone call will cost a 25-year old man more than $12,000.

Macomb Police Department

The McDonough County State’s Attorney’s office said its goal is to receive restitution for police agencies that responded to a hoax 911 call in Macomb on March 6.

Rich Egger

Nearly two months after receiving a hoax 911 call, Macomb police released a recording of the call. Police made the audio available in response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed last week by Tri States Public Radio.

The recording lasts less than two minutes.  In it, the caller asks the 911 dispatcher to send a squad car to 509 Murray. “This guy has a gun on us. He says we can’t leave.”

The caller also identifies the gunman as a person who lived at the house. A man’s voice is then heard asking if the person called police. After that, the line goes dead.