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Iowa Department of Corrections

The head of the Iowa Department of Corrections briefed Gov. Reynolds today on an increase in violent crime in the state that he called shocking.  

Statistics from a national survey show that from 2006 through 2016, Iowa was one of only two states in the country where the incidence increased for all four categories of violent crime, including homicide, robbery, rape, and aggravated assault.  

At the same time, the recidivism rate is on the rise for perpetrators of violent crime. 

The Iowa Department of Corrections released a statement saying the Iowa State Penitentiary employee who was injured during an attack by an inmate Wednesday morning is in stable condition at the University of Iowa Hospital in Iowa City.

A Lee County man is accusing the state of Iowa of firing him from his job in the Department of Corrections for being a whistleblower.

Iowa DOC

The Lee County Board of Health signed a three-year lease with the Iowa Department of Corrections for use of a portion of the former Iowa State Penitentiary in downtown Fort Madison.

Iowa State Penitentiary

A document released by the Iowa State Penitentiary reveals the amount of planning and preparation behind an inmate's escape over the summer. It also says prison policies and procedures were not followed, helping lead to the escape.

Iowa Department of Corrections

It was mid-Tuesday morning and Warden Nick Ludwick was still singing the praises of everyone involved in Saturday's transfer of 507 maximum security prisoners from the old Iowa State Penitentiary in downtown Fort Madison to the new facility two miles away.  He said he's been involved in large-scale inmate transfers in the past and this was possibly the best he has seen.