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Knoxville School District

Jason Parrott

There is an effort to revive one of western Illinois' fabled high school conferences. Sherrard Superintendent Alan Boucher sent out letters the final week of December to area small schools about bringing back the Olympic Conference.

T.J. Carson

The Knoxville School District is studying what it might do if the state comes up short with funding again this fiscal year. 

Knoxville Holds First Town Hall for School District

Nov 13, 2015
T.J. Carson

Knoxville #202’s first town hall meeting to address the state of the district was not well-attended. But it didn’t stop its superintendent from feeling good about it.

Philanthropic Fund Coming to Knoxville

Oct 26, 2015
T.J. Carson

Residents of Knoxville now have a new way to contribute to philanthropic efforts in their community.  The Knoxville Community Fund was established this week with the help of the Galesburg Community Foundation.

Knoxville High School Fully Ready

Aug 18, 2015
T.J. Carson

A project that began as an idea 14 years ago came to its conclusion Saturday in a high school auditorium.

New Knoxville School Board Member Selected

Mar 2, 2015
T.J. Carson

The new member of the Knoxville School Board said one of his goals is to keep the board running smoothly.  Jim Lenz was appointed to the position during a special meeting on February 25.