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Nick Ludwick

Jason Parrott / TSPR

Patti Wachtendorf describes her new role as warden of the Iowa State Penitentiary as her dream job because it allowed her to come home -- both personally and professionally. She replaced outgoing warden Nick Ludwick, who retired.

Iowa State Penitentiary

A document released by the Iowa State Penitentiary reveals the amount of planning and preparation behind an inmate's escape over the summer. It also says prison policies and procedures were not followed, helping lead to the escape.

Iowa Department of Corrections

After sitting vacant for months due to construction delays, the new Iowa State Penitentiary is now up and running. The Iowa Department of Corrections transported 507 maximum security inmates on Saturday from the original prison to the new facility two miles north of Fort Madison.

You could say Wednesday’s “Grand Opening” of the new Iowa State Penitentiary was a once in a lifetime experience. That’s because the current maximum security prison was built nearly 175 years ago, when Iowa was still a territory.