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Oil Pipeline


Brian Stover raises chickens at his house in rural Marion County, Illinois, just across the road from the Patoka Tank Farm where the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline ends — about 75 miles east of St. Louis.

Dakota Access plans to begin construction in the next week or so on a new crude oil pipeline that would stretch from North Dakota to central Illinois. That's according to the firm hired by Lee County to keep tabs on the project on behalf of landowners.

The Fallon Forum

Former Iowa State Representative Ed Fallon has a lofty goal for the month of March: to walk 400 miles across the state of Iowa.  He is doing so to raise awareness of his concerns about a proposed crude oil pipeline through the state.


The company that wants to build a crude oil pipeline through the middle of the country has officially requested permission to do so from regulators in Iowa and Illinois.

Abby Wendle

Illinoisans disappointed because the U.S. Senate didn’t pass the Keystone XL pipeline measure letting multi-national corporations bring tar-sand Canadian oil down through the Great Plains above major water sources to get crude to refineries to export: Take heart. Another pipeline is planning to plow through 12 Illinois counties after digging up Iowa and the Dakotas.

The public will have opportunities Monday to learn more about a crude oil pipeline that could run through southeast Iowa and west central Illinois.

The Illinois Farm Bureau wants property owners to be able to protect themselves during the proposed construction of a Midwestern crude oil pipeline.

It appears state agencies in Iowa and Illinois know very little about a proposed pipeline through the tri-state region.