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The Shop Talk panelists debate whether Twitter should be used simply as a “play-by-play” tool during live events.

The Shop Talk panelists discuss whether Twitter followers belong to the reporter or the news outlet.

The Shop Talk panelists discuss the decision by several schools of journalism to change their names.

The Shop Talk panelists discuss the case of a newspaper sports reporter in Massachusetts who was fired for including in his story a quote that made a couple local schools look bad.

The Shop Talk panelists discuss a Poynter NewsU survey about journalism education.

Shop Talk - March 6

Mar 6, 2012

This week's topic is about a survey of Americans' trust of news sources.

The Poynter Institute reports the survey was commissioned by Craiglist founder Craig Newmark. A polling firm interviewed 1,001 people. Land line phones and cell phones were called.

The survey found newspapers are the most trusted source of news -- 22% of respondents considered newspapers to be credible.  21% chose cable and network news.