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reverse osmosis

Grant Gerlock/Harvest Public Media

Des Moines, Iowa, made news this year when the city announced it would sue three counties in a legal battle over fertilizer. The city's water supply from the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers often surpasses the legal limit for nitrates (10 mg/L), which commonly appear in water contaminated by runoff from farm fields.

Rich Egger

*Friday update - The water conservation order has been lifted, and the precautionary boil order has also been lifted, as of Friday morning.*

A water pump unique to Macomb’s treatment plant failed, leading the city to ask residents to conserve water usage and to boil water used for food preparation and drinking.

“Each (reverse osmosis water) system is custom built for the municipality it’s designed for,” said Mayor Mike Inman. “The dynamics of this pump are designed solely for use with our system.”