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same-sex marriage

Rachel Otwell

Marriage for same-sex couples is now the law of the land. While it took effect in Illinois in 2014, the United States Supreme Court made it available across the country earlier this year. So what's next in the push for rights in the LGBT community?

Illinois General Assembly

Counseling that tries to change a person's sexual orientation can cause depression, anxiety, and self-destructive behavior, according to reports from psychologists.

TSPR's Rich Egger

McDonough County began issuing same sex marriage licenses Monday. County Clerk Gretchen DeJaynes said couples must apply in person at the county courthouse.

The Shop Talk panelists discuss why a news report about same-sex marriage might include video of two men kissing.

The Guardian

Supporters of same-sex marriage in Illinois have been pushing hard for legalization for the better part of a year.

Rich Egger

Supporters of a same-sex marriage bill in Illinois (SB 10) are rallying the troops as state lawmakers prepare for the final week of the veto session.

Renewed Push for Same Sex Marriage in Illinois

Jun 26, 2013

Governor Pat Quinn is pledging to keep working with Illinois lawmakers to legalize same sex marriage.

Same-Sex Marriage Bill Advances in Illinois

Feb 14, 2013

The Illinois Senate approved same-sex marriage legislation (SB 10) during a vote that was intentionally scheduled for Valentine's Day.

Supporters of same-sex marriage said Illinois law should treat citizens who want to get married equally — regardless of their sexual orientation.

But opponents of the measure said it will outlaw what they call "sincerely held religious beliefs."

Same Sex Marriage Bill Falls Short in Illinois

Jan 4, 2013

A last-minute push to legalize same sex marriage fell apart in the Illinois Capitol. Supporters in the  Senate said they're a few votes shy of getting it through, even though supporters rallied in the Statehouse.

"All this movement forward right now, it really confirms to me that marriage equality is the defining civil rights movement of our time, and now Illinois has the chance to be on the right side of history today," said actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson from the TV comedy Modern Family.