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Unraveling the Ties of Abramoff and DeLay

Rep. Tom DeLay has stepped down from his post as House Majority Leader.
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Rep. Tom DeLay has stepped down from his post as House Majority Leader.

The lobbying scandal that has engulfed the career of Jack Abramoff and threatened that of Rep. Tom DeLay was first reported two years ago, by Washington Post reporter Susan Schmidt. R. Jeffrey Smith, her colleague at The Post, is covering the DeLay angle of the story.

Abramoff recently pled guilty to felony charges of using millions of dollars in the hopes that it would bring preferential treatment for his clients. Much of the congressional campaign contributions and political favors were funded by American Indian tribes.

In the face of mounting public concern over the ethics of lobbying, Congress is contemplating new legislation. The proposals range from limiting the access of former members who now work as lobbyists to restricting the gifts and expenses lawmakers can receive.

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