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Sales Tax Change To Voters In Fort Madison

Fort Madison, IA – Fort Madison residents will soon have a say in putting more money into the city's general fund. The city council has voted to shift how the money generated through the city's one cent local-option sales tax is spent. Currently, 60% goes into the general fund while the remaining 40% is used for Fort Madison's streets. The county wants 80% to go into the general fund, which is used for police, fire, and parks; and the rest towards streets. Mayor State Ireland says the shift could generate an extra $180,000 a year for the general fund... which is needed to resolve a shortfall in next year's budget. The shift in the local-option sales tax must be approved by voters during a special election April 11th before it can take effect in July. Ireland says the city will also use gaming revenue and increase some fees to balance Fort Madison's budget for next year.