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Keokuk Looking For Former Residents To Come Home

Keokuk, IA – Keokuk hopes to use the postal system to encourage former residents to return to Southeast Iowa. The "Come Home To Keokuk" marketing campaign targets 1,500 former residents and those who graduated from Keokuk's two high schools or SCC. They will each receive 4 different postcards, over the next few months, asking them to consider moving back to Keokuk. Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Katie O'Brien, says the campaign targets younger adults looking to settle down. She says older adults looking to change careers or even retire are also being targeted with this campaign. The first postcard, featuring a fishing derby in Rand Park, was recently mailed out. The campaign has been in the works for more than 1 year. The cards include a web address where former residents can get information about what Keokuk has to offer today.