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Lee County to Address Consolidation

Fort Madison, IA – The Lee County Board of Supervisors wants to open up the debate on consolidating county operations. Chairman George Morgan says the board will hold several workshops in the coming weeks and months to move the discussion forward. Morgan expects elected leaders, department heads, and members of the public to be involved in the workshops. Lee County's 2 largest cities have already weighed in on the issue. The Keokuk City Council has called on the board to only consolidate operations if approved by the citizens. By contrast, the Fort Madison City Council has said if the county operations are combined, the services should be in its city. During its recent convention, the Lee County Democratic Party endorsed the idea of a public vote on county consolidation. The Lee County Board of Supervisors consists of 4 Democrats and 1 Republican. The first workshop will be Friday March 24 at 1:00 in Keokuk.