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School District Could Consolidate Classrooms

Keokuk, IA – The Keokuk School District's budget for next year contains a significant consolidation of classrooms. The school board is working to certify the spending plan and set the property tax levy for next year. Early numbers show spending will increase by about $1,000,000, compared to the current budget. Much of that total comes from employee salaries and benefits, energy costs, and hiring a school psychologist and several high school teachers. Superintendent Jane Babcock says the district will only receive about $450,000 in new state money, which means cuts are needed. She says the district plans to eliminate several elementary school classrooms and move the students to other buildings. Babcock says the district's property tax levy for next year should remain at its current level. Babcock says any remaining deficit would be filled using the district's reserve funds. A public hearing on the budget will be held April 10.

You can hear part of Jason Parrott's interview by clicking on the audio link above.