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Maluma takes the Tiny Desk


Finally today, Colombian reggaeton star Maluma performed at NPR's Tiny Desk. Recently, he sat down with NPR's Alt.Latino hosts Felix Contreras and Anamaria Sayre to talk about his music. And as you'll hear in a moment, to share some big news.


MALUMA: (Singing in non-English language).

Sometimes people say that I'm a reggaetonaire (ph), but I'm not a reggaetonaire. You know, my genre is Maluma genre. I do whatever I love doing. You know, it's not like I do reggaeton and that's it.


MALUMA: (Singing in non-English language).

You know, I love doing boleros. I love doing pop. I love doing salsa. So at the end of the day, it's like, that's actually why reggaeton is conquering a bunch of charts right now - because you can mix it with every genre. You know, like, we can hear different kind of songs. Even my own songs, if you listen to "Felices Los 4," it's a very pop song, but the drums are a reggaeton drum.


MALUMA: (Singing in non-English language).

That's why it's so strong right now - because you can mix it with every genre. And that's what is happening right now in Latin America and around the world. People love reggaeton and urban music.


MALUMA: (Singing in non-English language).

ANAMARIA SAYRE, BYLINE: You just announced that you're going to be a dad.

MALUMA: Oh, my God. It's the first time we talk about this.

SAYRE: I know. That's what I like.


SAYRE: You - I mean, you cried...

MALUMA: Yeah. It's crazy.

SAYRE: ...During "Amor De Mi Vida"...

MALUMA: What a crazy feeling, man.

SAYRE: And I couldn't help but think that that had to relate to what you're feeling right now.

MALUMA: That's me, man. I'm real. That's what I love about music. I can be myself.


MALUMA: (Singing in non-English language).

You know, like, this is the only way or some of the ways that I can talk to my fans - through music, you know? And I just wanted to let them know that I was - and that I'm having a baby. Wow. That's crazy.

SAYRE: How does it feel to say that out loud?


MALUMA: No, I cannot say it loud. You know, it's like - I'm going to be - (inaudible). It's impossible to say that loud. But it's such a big dream I always dream about. This is perfect timing - I mean, all the beautiful things that I'm living. I'm looking for more personal experiences, too. You know, like, I love my music. I love being on tour, but I also want to keep growing as a human being, you know, not only as an artist. So this makes me feel so human, you know? And I love this. But at the same time, the more human I feel, the more honest I get. It's so, so weird.

SAYRE: Yeah.

MALUMA: Like Paris, our beautiful daughter, she's growing inside her mom's belly. And she gives me - wow - many reasons to keep dreaming. And it's like she made a reset on my mind, you know? Like, it's like she - she's everything to me right now. It's crazy. It's a crazy feeling that only parents are going to understand. You know, it's, like, something like - right?

It's weird. It's weird. But I just love this feeling, and my days are brighter than ever. So I feel like everything around my life is working in a very positive way. It's like, OK, understanding life right now, like, everything is put in the right place. Nothing bothers me anymore. It's like there is nothing bigger than Paris. Or if there is any problem in my life, I just think about Paris, and that's like, it's done. You know what I mean? Yeah.

FELIX CONTRERAS, BYLINE: I know exactly what you mean, man.

MALUMA: Yeah, yeah.

CONTRERAS: Well, you know, thank you for coming by and talking to us, man.

MALUMA: Thank you, man. Really appreciate that.

CONTRERAS: Great Tiny Desk Concert.

SAYRE: Really appreciate it.

CONTRERAS: You're on a roll. You've got a great new album. You're out touring right now. So...

SAYRE: So exciting.

MALUMA: Thank you.


MALUMA: Thank you.

CONTRERAS: Success to you, man.

MALUMA: Thank you. Thank you very much. Gracias, hermano.

SAYRE: (Speaking Spanish).


MALUMA: (Singing in non-English language).

DETROW: That was Colombian reggaeton star Maluma speaking with NPR's Felix Contreras and Anamaria Sayre. You can check out Maluma's Tiny Desk Concert over at Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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